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Farm Equipment Insurance Minimizes The Damage of Equipment Failure

Don’t let an equipment breakdown interrupt the success of your farm, so find security with a farm equipment insurance policy. Equipment failure happens on just about every farm, but with the coverage that our farm equipment insurance policy provides, you can rest assured that your property is safe. Trust us for all your farm equipment insurance needs and don’t let an operational glitch slow you down and interrupt your flow of production.


A farm equipment insurance policy won’t leave your farm on hold

We understand that damaged or broken equipment can easily cost thousands to repair, and be compounded by lost income. That’s why we offer comprehensive farm equipment insurance coverage to help you keep your farm running smoothly in the event that:


A circuit board failure leads to a liquid cattle feed leak

A tube failure drops a pump 600 feet to the bottom of a well

A grain elevator overload causes a main gearbox to crack

A compressor breakdown wastes refrigerant


Farm equipment insurance protects valuable machinery

Unlike most standard property insurance policies, we provide coverage for the typical causes of equipment breakdown. Equipment breakdown coverage protects against damages caused by power surges, mechanical breakdown, motor burnout, boiler damage and operator error. Your farm equipment insurance policy can provide financial support for:


Boilers, pressure vessels and water heaters

Electrical distribution systems


Heating and cooling systems

Refrigeration equipment

Production equipment



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