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Fine Animals Are Valuable Assets

The need for livestock insurance is created by the financial interest that an owner has in the animal from the moment it is born or acquired.  The raising, showing and breeding of animals represent a considerable financial investment which can be lost by death.

Insurance Valuation
The insurable value of your animal is its purchase paid price. Such insurable value may be further increased when prize winnings, performance level, and value of your animal offspring justify the increases.  Sentiment, replacement cost, and loss of profits are not part of insurable value.  Requests for increases in value must be accompanied by substantive information and a veterinarian's certificate.  An offer of purchase, unless accepted is not sufficient to prove an increase in value.

Livestock mortality insurance is a form of term life insurance.  That's why any animal, to be insured, must be sound and in good health on the effective date of the policy.  A veterinarian's health certificate, attesting to the animal's condition, must always be submitted with the application.   In addition, the application include the name, age, use, sex, and registration number of the animal.  Applications must be signed by the owner or authorized representative.

Full Mortality: An Explanation
Our full mortality coverage, which includes theft, insures your animals against death from any cause.  This includes humane destruction which might result from an accident.   Rates for coverage vary according to the age of the animal.

Insurance Coverage
Before your insurance coverage goes into force, your completed application, together with a veterinary certificate, must be received and approved by the company.  No policy is issued for a term of more than one year.  Coverage starts and expires at noon on the dates specified in the policy.  Policies may be written for a shorter term and annual policies, cancelled by the insured are on a short rate basis.  Animals may be added or deleted from existing policies during the policy term for a prorated charge.  However, a satisfactory veterinarian's certificate must be submitted for each animal added to the policy.




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