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Farm Structures

Your farm barns, buildings and structures can be insured against physical damage from a variety of causes.


Protection Can Be Provided For"

Power and light poles

Portable buildings and structures

New construction, materials, and removal on premises - $10,000 limit

 Replacement cost (subject to restrictions and underwriting requirements.)


Optional Protection Can include:

Broad and special causes of loss

Extra expense to continue operations

Loss of income from covered causes


Personal Dwelling Protection

Coverage can be provided on your dwelling or farmhouse in one of three forms:





Coverages included at No Additional Charge:

Additional living expense reimbursement or fair rental value

Coverage for your residential garage

Outdoor radio and television antennas and satellite dishes

Building materials

Building and outdoor equipment


Optional Coverage includes"

Replacement Cost Plus

Inflation Guard Protection

Earthquake Coverage

Higher deductibles with appropriate credit


Personal Property Protection


Your personal belongings are automatically insured for up to 50% of the amount of insurance you carry on your dwelling:


Special Additional Protection for:


Damage to contents of refrigerators or freezers

Household personal property temporarily away from your premises

Optional protection for resident guests' personal items

Credit Card or fund transfer cards and reimbursement for forgery and counterfeit

Loss of electronic apparatus for use in vehicle


Protection Against Theft of:

Jewelry and furs

Silverware, pewter ware, and gold ware



Optional Specific Insurance for High Value Items:


Sports Equipment

Musical Instruments

Cameras and Photo Equipment





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