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Apartment Policies

Multiple-unit residential operations have special insurance needs. Property Insurance can be a challenge because the heightened risk of fires arising from habitational occupancy and because of vulnerability to severe damage from wind and hail. Liability Protection is critical, because there can be serious injuries or even loss of life on apartment premises, and substantial lawsuits are common – high-limit Umbrella Liability policies should always be considered as an essential component of any complex’s insurance program.


Finding the best underwriting company for an apartment operation can be a real challenge, especially for insurance agents who don’t work in this area every day. To work effectively with underwriters and the few good companies that do insure apartments, an agent has to know the apartment industry and has to be able to speak knowledgably about apartment complex clients and prospects.


The size of an apartment business makes a big difference in which insurers will be the best match, and size also affects the insurance program’s design. We have the required expertise and the access to insurance markets required to handle all classes of apartment clients – from single duplexes to multi-location multi-state apartment giants. Multiple-location accounts will frequently benefit by adopting a “loss limit” approach on Property insurance (this can be much more cost effective than a simple “Blanket Limit” approach, while still providing adequate insurance protection). Similarly, we can produce Liability programs that meet the needs of multiple-entity / multiple activity / multiple location clients.




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