Agency Contact Representative (ACR)

  1. Makes 40 dials per hour using scripts provided by the agent/owner. Calls include:

    a. Warm calling             d. Scheduling annual reviews
    b. Cold calling               e. Setting appointments
    c. X-dating                     f. Confirming appointments

  2. Agent/owner or operations manager determines the focus of the calls.

  3. Tools:

    a. Central marketing reports          c. Hit lists
    b. Call requests                           d. Referals

  4. Confirms all appointments one day in advance. These are great "warm-up" calls to begin a productive appointment-setting day.

  5. Records all appointments on the producer calendar/schedule, client profile notes and an appointment sheet. Retains copies of the appointment sheet for the ACR and operations manager.

  6. Notes all calls on an agency conact tracking sheet.