Customer Service Representative (Commercial/Life)

  1. Provides customer service on all commercial policies assigned, including personal liability, umbrella, coverage changes, lien holder changes, certificates of insurance, etc.
  2. Prepares new business applications and all informatin and materials needed for policy issue (photos of building, payroll information, etc.) Sends to underwriting with all required forms.
  3. Follow up with underwriting to ensure policies are issues in a timely manner. Answers all questions from underwriting and advises account executive of any problems.
  4. Prepares issued policies in a professional presentation form, checks to make sure all coverages and premiums are included and issued as requested; sets a delivery appointment so account executive an deliver new business policy to insured.
  5. Aids in preparing annual review appointments for commerical/life account executives or the agent/owner. Gathers all information needed for the review including quotes, upgrade information and current policy information.
  6. Updates information in agency database syste, e.g., contact information, coverages, etc.
  7. Follows up on all claims to completion and/or the satisfaction of the customer. Reports all claims problems to appropriate department heads and devises a solution to satisfy the customer. Advises the agent/owner of any problems that cannot be resolved quickly.
  8. Sets up and maintains files on all new business accounts for commercial/life.
  9. Coordinates with the life account executive and prints quotes needed for business life insurance, annual reviews and new business.
  10. Coordinates all commercial and life direct mail and solicitation programs.
  11. Always asks for referrals and thanks customers for their business.