Account Executive (Life/Health)

The Producer must be properly licensed in all lines that the agency offers and complete continuing education requirements as necessary.

  1. Actively solicits and writes life and health insurance products.
  2. Completes a needs analysis in order to meet the specific needs of each client. Provides life/health quotes as needed.
  3. Processes, underwrites, and verifies the accuracy of all life and health applications and changes.
  4. Orders and follows up on physicals and attending physicians' statements until the point of policy issue.
  5. Follow up on life and health applications. Corresponds with underwriting offices until each policy is issued and paid.
  6. Develops mastery-evel knowledge of all life, health and long-term care products offered throgh the agency.
  7. Processes all life and health applications in a timely manner to meet all cutoff and production dates.
  8. Coordinates appointments withagency specialists to ensure all client needs are met.
  9. Refers to the agent/owner for proper follow-up all life and health policy inquiries concerning cash value balance, withdrawals and/or cancellations.
  10. Sends all appropriate written follow-up, e.g., letters and thank you notes, to client.