Account Executive (Homeowners)

The Producer must be properly licensed in all lines that the agency offers and complete continuing education requirements as necessary.

  1. Solicits and writes homeowners, mobile home and renters policies, as well as home warranties. Markets to current book of business to increase product density.
  2. Coordinates input and processes all homeowners policies, new business and/or changes and corrections withthe homeowners CSR. Maintains accurate information on households and ensures that all phone and fax numbers are entered. Gets e-mail addresses and emergency contact information for each household.
  3. Inspects and underwrites all homeowners applications. Maintains client files iwth front and rear photos of dwellings, all outbuildings and secondary structures.
  4. Actively solicts expriation dates from new clients.
  5. Meets the production requirements and goals assigned by the agent/owner.
  6. Develops agency relationships with existing clients.
  7. Gathers information on households to provide life quotes on all new business and annual reviews.
  8. Executes realtor, mortgage company and title company marketing programs.
  9. Maintains a sales record book each month and provides a copy to the agent/owner.
  10. Monitors and evaluates fire-loss ration.
  11. Logs and tracks all canceled policies and provides a copy of the log to the agent/owner each month.