Account Executive (Commercial)

The Producer must be properly licensed in all lines that the agency offers and complete continuing education requirements as necessary.

  1. Actively solicits and writes new commercial business.
  2. Processes applications and follow up to gain any necesary pieces of information to complete the transaction.
  3. Coordinates with the agency contact representative on commercial-specific calling campaigns.
  4. Communicates with underwriting on the qualifications and eligibility of new submissions. Follow up on changes on existing policies.
  5. Delivers the policy to the client as a professional package.
  6. Processes change requests and issues certificates for the client. This requires good communication skills to acertain client needs and formulate a solution.
  7. Activiely seeks x-dates on commercial account prospects and follows up in a timely manner to win the business.
  8. Visits each commercial client at their place of business four times a year to discuss any changes needed and build the relationship with the customer.
  9. Reviews renewal informatoin and provides assistance to the agent/owner to retain the policies.